Workforce Management
Center of Excellence

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Navigating the intricacies of Workforce Management Systems can be daunting without the right support. delaPlex leverages our expertise to deliver cross-functional competencies for initial delivery to continuous improvement.

Stay Up to Date with the Constant Evolution of Workforce Management

The world of innovative technology and user experience is growing in size and complexity faster than ever.

Our workforce management support can help you keep up with the newest developments and is integral to the successful implementation of Workforce Management (WFM) Systems.

The Benefits of End-to-End WFM Support

Holistic Orchestration 

Deployment of WFM involves many different skill sets and resources. delaPlex can help you ensure operational alignment and streamline communication between customers, employees, and business partners.

Expand Team Skill Sets

Instill confidence in your team through continuous personal development and communications tools designed to engage your employees, improve retention, and boost morale.

People-Led Approach

Outcomes of WFM usage directly affect all who are involved. Our teams lead services with a deep personal understanding of daily activities to ensure your workforce management solutions effectively serve your employees.

Deliver Immediate Results

End users are directly involved in the deployment and subsequent adoption of a new WFM system. Our teams can help reduce learning curves by enabling tangible production and introducing industry best practices.

Enhance Overall Satisfaction

When there are important aspects to WFM services, like compensation, due diligence involves prioritization of end-user satisfaction. WFM enablement allows for comprehensive peace of mind.

Case Study: Blue Yonder Workforce Management System (WFM) Implementation

delaPlex designed and deployed an implementation plan for a new Blue Yonder Workforce Management System (WFM) system with advanced scheduling and retail corporate planner modules.

“The delaPlex team helped us design, build, validate and deploy the Blue Yonder solution. They were with us from the very beginning and have remained with us to help do ancillary support. delaPlex has been a true partner.”

-Arie Kotler, CEO, GPM Investments

Explore our Workforce Management Center of Excellence

Consult with Experts

delaPlex’s workforce management support equips users with a full consulting team and specialist resources. This toolkit enables a complete understanding of the impact of technical activities on the end-users.

Accelerate Testing

The success and deliverables of WFM services are dependent on rigorous testing. delaPlex cyclical testing accelerators address potential risks, increase speed, and ensure system stability.

Customize User Experience

With UX customization, anticipate that each instance will be an improvement to the latest one. Working with delaPlex manages delivery across multiple platforms.

Accelerate  Migration

Our teams leverage specialized expertise— in system security, APIs, and testing — to migrate your legacy data to new cloud systems quickly without sacrificing quality or opportunities for future growth.

Find out how delaPlex’s expert teams can enable your Supply Chain projects and long-term business goals.