Store Inventory Management
Center of Excellence

Streamline. Support. Scale.

Utilize our team of expert talent and right-fit resources to optimize and transform your approach to Store Inventory Management (SIMO) for retail.

Enable Seamless Interaction at Every Touchpoint

Store systems are a complex web of independent tools, and ensuring alignment between staff, sales, and services is a continuous challenge.

Each element of your operations must evolve together to meet ever-changing market demands, consumer expectations, and more.

The Benefits of End-to-End SOM Support

Accelerate Innovation

Increase the pace of innovation and the adoption of new technologies, processes, and practices to improve the customer experience and drive success for your retail brand.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Use automated technology to work by exceptions, automatically replenishing stock, changing prices, and rolling out promotions. Use intuitive workflows to streamline prep tasks and keep a central focus on your customers.

Provide a Connected Environment

Create a seamless experience for customers and employees. Link Point-of-Sale to Loyalty, In-store sensors to tasks, sales activities to orders, customer footfalls to rosters, and more.

eBook: How Data Drives Your Business Transformation Strategy

Learn how to champion data-driven business transformation in your organization, and overcome the cultural challenges around implementing data-driven strategies.

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Explore our Store Inventory Management
Center of Excellence

Store Inventory Platform Support

Our wide range of proprietary tools, utilities, and resources allow for the best delivery of technologies associated with store inventory platforms.

Operational Improvement

It’s imperative to understand franchising and your franchisees. We leverage your investments in existing technologies to drive continuous improvement and help you manage the ins and outs of franchising.

Roll-Out and Adoption

Take your services and solutions from concept store to mass roll-out with talent, expertise, and strategic consulting to ensure scalability without impacting performance.

Proof of Concepts

Before embarking on a large-scale business venture, we make sure to create templates with small, scalable projects first. That way, we have proof of what works best for the next steps.

Find out how delaPlex’s expert teams can enable your Supply Chain projects and long-term business goals.