DataOps Services

Collaborate. Automate. Expedite.

Bring speed and agility in deploying and operating your data-intensive applications and derive valuable insights rapidly with limited human intervention through our DataOps services.

delaPlex DataOps Services

From data ingestion, integration and analytics to data monitoring and management, we help you establish a DevOps framework and architecture to deliver high-quality, self-service data to your data consumers whenever they demand.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of data engineers and data scientists collaborate with you to develop agile and secure data environments that support automated administration. Using the latest technologies and effective automation processes, we build automated data pipelines to aggregate and process your datasets as well as monitor key performance and security metrics of your data ecosystem.

delaPlex Expertise

Data Warehousing

Our data engineers enable you to reduce the cycle time to analytics and deliver high-quality analytics to your users on time by streamlining of your data warehouse using proven DevOps methodologies.

Data Quality and Management

Leverage delaPlex’s technology and DevOps expertise to implement a robust data quality solution and ensure that your data consumers have access to consistent trustful information when deriving valuable business insights.

Data Governance

From embedding automated ETL testing to automating your data pipelines and creating standard data definition libraries to developing automated data validation procedures, ensure continuous data governance across the data-to-value lifecycle and bring reliable data to the right people at the right time.