Predictive Analytics

Identify. Foresee. Succeed.

Our predictive analytics services enable you to gain maximum benefits from your business or customer data and empower you to predict future outcomes, minimize risk and make better business decisions with confidence.

delaPlex Predictive Analytics Services

We combine our domain-specific expertise with sophisticated statistical models, machine learning tools and data mining techniques to develop predictive models. The models generate forward-looking insights and forecast future trends, enabling you to make proactive and profitable decisions.

Our data scientists and AI specialists go a step beyond to evaluate and refine the predictive model’s performance, deploy it into production and monitor its accuracy for tighter integration of predictive analytics in your key decision-making process.

delaPlex Expertise

Decision Science

If you’re starting with data science and data analytics or lacking in-house skills to tackle the projects, delaPlex can step in to lay a strong decision science foundation. With our broad experience in building data analytics solutions and domain expertise, data discovery experts at delaPlex can assess the quality of your data, identify gaps in your existing processes and propose various solutions to generate data-driven insights.

Descriptive Analytics

Our data scientists use proven statistical models and data mining techniques to produce valuable insights from your historical business or customer data. These easy-to-interpret insights help you understand what happened in the past and offer an opportunity to study the patterns and determine the influence of different variables, enabling you to interpret possible future outcomes based on these trends.

Predictive Analytics

Capitalize on our AI/ML competencies and experience in building sophisticated predictive models to evaluate what happened in the past and find out why it happened and what will happen next if the trends continue. With predictive analytics, our data science team also helps you gain more visibility into what drives your business to minimize risk and enhance revenue.

Prescriptive Analytics

Take predictive analytics a step further and get advice on effectively tackling the predicted outcomes with prescriptive analytics. Utilizing our experience and expertise in natural language processing, stochastic optimization and operations research, our data science team can develop mathematical models that will suggest several actions based on the results of your descriptive and predictive analyses.