Cloud Managed Services

Reliable. Consistent. Dependable.

delaPlex offers cloud and other IT managed services at the enterprise level.

Our team of experts can provide 24×7 oversight and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs.

We incorporate process automation, disaster recovery scenarios, and software/ hardware technology upgrades to support the objectives of your enterprise.

Why choose delaPlex to manage your cloud services?

delaPlex Cloud Security Services

Operate with confidence in the cloud. Stay protected from data breaches, and be aligned with industry best practices and proven security delivery models. delaPlex protects your critical cloud assets and offers a robust safeguard to all users accessing these assets.

delaPlex DevOps Services

DevOps bridges the gap between the development and operations by creating a collaborative work culture, which improves agility, optimize resources, allows experimentation with accelerated deliveries, faster detection, and remediation.

  • We ensure that application lifecycle management (ALM) and DevOps transformation is a seamless process that includes:
  • GAP Assessment of existing ALM tools practices and their audits
  • Designing DevOps roadmap, framework, and strategy
  • Implementing a DevOps solution
  • Defining unified DevOps tools and process blueprints across the organization
  • ALM and DevOps training

delaPlex DevOps Toolkit

The delaPlex DevOps toolkit consists a variety of configuration management, test and build systems, application deployment, version control and monitoring tools.

  • Version Control: Git, Github, Bitbucket, SVN, CVS
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity
  • Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform
  • Continuous Inspection: SonarQube, TestRail
  • Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
  • Monitoring and Alerting: New Relic, Cloudwatch, PowerAudit, Nagios
  • Service Discovery: CloudEnsure
  • Log Management: ELK, Graylog, Loggly
  • Services reporting: PowerTracker, CloudEnsure
  • Virtualization: Vagrant, VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V