Data Science as a Service

Expert. Insights. Complete.

Expedite your journey to become a data-driven company cost-effectively with our expert data science team and get the most out of your data without the need to invest in in-house analytics tools and data science resources.

delaPlex Data Science as a Service

At delaPlex, we provide you on-demand access to our experienced team of data scientists, mathematicians, data engineers and domain experts who produce intelligent insights from your data. Avoid the hassle of hiring internal data science teams and developing in-house analytics solutions. Get immediate access to our advanced technologies and unique skillsets to reveal the right patterns from your raw data and make better business decisions.

Whether you need data mining, predictive modeling or prescriptive analytics for insightful business intelligence dashboards, our customizable DSaaS helps you take analytics to the next level while providing expert guidance in the process.

Why delaPlex for DSaaS?

  • Strategy and Consulting
    With strategies, roadmaps, workshops, coaching, and assessments, we help organizations move from little to no analytics to highly impactful data and analytics cultures, resulting in better decision-making and maximum business performance.
  • Data Security and Compliance
    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, we always protect confidential marketing and business intelligence through physical and digital security measures to prevent unauthorized data operation.
  • High-Quality Service and Extensive Experience
    We test our solutions rigorously to meet the business standards of small, mid-sized and large organizations. With proven expertise, our data science specialists guide you through the entire data science process and are always looking for specific ML algorithms that best suit your requirements.