Data Science Services

Building Smart Data Solutions

delaPlex offers a complete suite of data science services to help you unleash process improvements, anticipate customer sentiments and forecast market changes faster.

Leveraging advanced analytics, data science technologies and AI techniques, we work with your data to answer your most difficult questions and generate genuine outcomes for your business.

Data Science as a Service DSaaS

delaPlex combines its expertise in Cloud, AI and data science technologies to help you successfully design, deploy and manage your tailored DSaaS solution and start generating business insights faster and more cost-effectively.

At delaPlex, we have extensive experience in data science services and with leading data engineering, statistical and AI tools on the market to help you take complete advantage of the latest technologies to achieve clean, secure and reliable insights to move your business forward.

Data Engineering

Data engineers at delaPlex lay the groundwork for powerful analytics with data collection, cleansing, processing, storing and building end-to-end data pipelines from your source systems to your desired destinations.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques, data scientists at delaPlex help you achieve your business goals and ROI by carrying out intensive analyses to predict future outcomes and forecast market changes.

Business Intelligence

Ensuring last mile adoption of insights, our data science experts collaborate with you to create BI dashboards and reports that offer crystal clear, objective views of critical performance metrics that your teams can easily interpret.

Data Monetization

At delaPlex, our data scientists and AI specialists leverage data analytics to discover new opportunities and revenue streams for your business through direct and indirect data monetization

Data Modernization

Our data science team can consolidate siloed data sources and migrate legacy databases to the cloud for advanced analytics and intelligence opportunities, regulatory readiness and reduced total cost of ownership.


Our AI specialists can build, train, optimize and deploy machine learning models for custom solutions ranging from text, image and video analytics to sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing and more.


Enhance communication, collaboration and automation between data teams and analytics teams using data management and data governance methodologies and modern integration technologies.

Put your data investments to work and maximize your ROI with delaPlex. Capitalize on our deep talent and extensive experience tolay a strong data foundation for advanced analytics.

Conquer the last mile with easy-to-interpret insights, improve your business performance and generate new revenue streams that will keep you moving forward.