Data Engineering

Organize. Transform. Execute.

Make the most of your data assets with our complete suite of data engineering services to enhance operational efficiencies and maximize ROI on your analytics investment.

delaPlex Data Engineering Services

Our data engineering experts utilize the right data technologies, processing tools and approach to cleanse, transform and manipulate your data assets from disparate sources – even from your legacy systems – and make it ready for your advanced analytics initiatives.

From creating data pipelines and ETL processing to modeling, integration and migration, capitalize on our expertise in data engineering to empower your data scientists with everything they need to derive actionable insights.

delaPlex Expertise

  • Legacy System Migration
    Efficient and structured approach for migrating your business data from legacy systems into your new target platform
  • Data Collection and Aggregation
    Extracting and refining data from different sources and making it available to data scientists for analysis
  • Data Storage and ETL Processing
    Cleansing, processing, transforming and loading data to data warehouses and other systems
  • Pipeline Design
    Developing production-grade data pipelines to move, transform and store data
  • Data Modeling
    Developing intelligent data modeling architecture that adheres to data governance and offers analysts an opportunity to generate valuable insights