Development Services:

Strategic. Effective. Trusted.

delaPlex has built a trusted reputation developing mobile, cloud and commercial application software for a wide range of industries that depend on continuous software development to drive revenue, growth and value.

From hospitality, retail, healthcare and media/publishing to entertainment, manufacturing and energy, our clients recognize that delaPlex offers the technical expertise and product experience needed to better compete in today’s market.

Broadcast Systems

delaPlex started as our own client by developing broadcast video servers, media asset management databases and collaborative media production and deployment systems.


30,000+ clients, 143 countries. $1+ billion spend. delaPlex is the chosen software developer for a multi cloud-based SaaS hospitality platform.


Using data gathered from clinical encounters, delaPlex developed a healthcare data analytics system facilitating highly sophisticated research methods to improve health outcomes.


delaPlex has developed eCommerce solutions with various complexities to help retail companies increase their sales and promote products and services online.

Financial Services

delaPlex developed a suite of fiduciary risk management products to be offered to our client’s Fortune 500 customers.

Software and Technology

With over 25 years of experience. delaPlex comes prepared with innovative tools to help you design, build and maintain your products.


delaPlex has experience in developing and implementing custom transport and logistics software solutions.

New Media

We developed innovative technology solutions that helped clients make the jump to digital offerings that connect with 21st century customers.


delaPlex delivered services that address the strategic. financial and regulatory needs of the energy sector.


delaPlex has extensive experience building advanced e-learning systems using various stacks, including Moodle, Magento and Paypal.

The delaPlex Agile Business Framework™

We created the delaPlex Agile Business Framework™ as a client-centric business methodology that applies to any industry. It ensures constant communication and collaboration, with the ability to adapt resources and technology as your business needs change.